A Little Holiday

Dear Friends

I'm going to take a little blog holiday. We're moving house and my Mum needs a bit more care than she used to. Rather than be intermittent with my posts and it all turning into something of a chore. I'm going to lay the blog aside for a few weeks.

 I will return! In the meantime -  all the old posts are still here for your enjoyment.

Love and Peace



Anonymous said...

I hope that it all goes well, and smoothly.

Jean said...

Good luck with the move and I look forward to your return.

Mary Beth said...

Liz, wishing you all the best with the move and your Mum. (I don't have a move to contend with, but my Mum also needs more care now too, and she lives 3.5 hours away.) So I feel for you! Thanks for the heads up. Hope your move is to someplace you really love. XXOO