A Frabjous Day!

'Oh frabjous day! Callooh Callay! He chortled in his joy...'

From: 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)

Well sometimes life just takes over doesn't it? There you are blogging along quietly then everything happens at once. Domestic bliss takes a holiday for a little while but then comes back refreshed, wise old friends move on to another dimension, jobs must be done, those who need care and support must be given it and those of us injected with a puritan duty ethic must give of ourselves - and with love. So apologies for neglecting you my friends in bloggerland.

But the big news, the very big news dear friends is that I have signed a book contract. OH FRABJOUS DAY!!

Thanks to the inspiring Alison Hodge - she of Alison Hodge publishers -
(http://www.alisonhodgepublishers.co.uk/) we are going to see the publication of 'Cornish Feasts and Festivals'. Words and photographs by yours truly and wonderful quirky illustrations by the young and very talented Freya Laughton. Alison produces a smashing series of books called 'Pocket Cornwall' which are perfect for presents and just right for what Gerard Hoffnung called 'jolly memorials for when you pass away' - by which he meant holiday mementos. I am really proud to be in their company.

I have to deliver a manuscript by December, so now I have a perfect excuse to spend the summer mooching round libraries, eating great food and going to every feast and festival my adopted county can offer. So look out for lots of Cornish Festivals in the next few months and updates on the progress of the book as well. Anyway as a non alcoholic treat to myself I've been a'foraging and here's a glass of elderflower cordial to celebrate.

You can of course mix elderflower cordial with prosecco, champagne or even better Camel Valley Brut or Polgoon Aval... would I do that? Of course I would!

More soon - and that's a promise.

Elderflower Cordial

1.5kg sugar
1.5 litres water
20 young elderflower heads
2 lemons
70g citric acid (from wine making suppliers if you can't get it elsewhere)

Rinse the elderflower heads. Make a syrup with the sugar and water by heating them together until the sugar has dissolved then add the citric acid, the sliced lemons and the flowers. Cover and leave for 24 hours. Strain into clean bottles and keep refrigerated. Dilute with fizzy water or something more glamorous. Delicious.

Make sure the elderflowers are young ones - they go over quickly and old heads smell like old tom cats - not nice.


thingshelenlikes said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'd like an autographed copy, please!

Jo said...

well deserved and SO exciting!! XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Well done Liz. I am so pleased for you and OF COURSE would like a signed copy when it comes out!
xxx Jane.

thecatalanway said...

Congratulations again Liz and I can imagine how exciting this is - a fizzy bubble inside, just like this picture! Lovely post and I look forward to hearing how the writing and festivalling goes - have a wonderful summer. love Kate xx

thecatalanway said...

PS I say that too when something wonderful happens - O frabjous day, calloo calley......it's so perfect to sum up the feeling. K x

A Trifle Rushed said...

How wonderful, I'm so impressed. Can't wait to read it! Jude x

Gerry Snape said...

hooray hooray! Liz that 'is wonderful!
I'm in the middle of making some elderberry cordial from last years crop...have to make room for the redcurrants this year...they are taking over the joint!

Choclette said...

Oh Liz, fantastic news, though I am not in the least bit surprised by it. Sounds like some hard work in the days ahead, but hopefully lots of fun too and a chance to discover those hidden Cornish feasts - although not sure they've managed to avoid your eye altogether. Good Luck. I'll drink a glass of elderflower along with you.

Eat Hackney said...

I will buy your book - I love the tone and content of your blog. Many congrats!

Liz said...

Thank you all for the good wishes - a book must be many bloggers dream, so I'm thrilled as you can imagine. I'll keep you all in touch with the progress and remember - you read it here first!